What is the worst thing a direct salesperson working on commission can hear?

“I really like you and was ready to move forward, but when I looked you up online I couldn’t find much about your company or any reviews. So I have decided to go with competitor X.”

In other words, you did everything right and I would buy off you. But because of your weak or nonexistent online identity, I can’t trust the company and so went with a company whose online presence built trust and acts as an integral part of the selling process.

At Collective Digital we all come from a direct sales background and I cannot begin to explain how many times I have heard this, or at least something similar.

It’s painful because It means that while I was out trying to generate customers for my client, the client cost me my commission and in the end I just did the hard work for a competitor’s sales rep to get paid my commission.

And what’s that same old excuse I heard every time? “We’re old-school…”

Well sorry guys, but the world has moved on and we had to do the same…

According to data from Reviewtracker.com, 63 percent of consumers will check Google reviews before engaging a business.

What this means is that consumers will generally engage a business once they know the business can be trusted. So if you can’t be found online or don’t have positive reviews, why would they choose you over the competitor that can be found and does have reviews?

But it’s not just about Google reviews. Having customer testimonials on your website is just as important.

Eighty-eight percent of consumers say that they trust online reviews just as much as a recommendation from a friend.

Having testimonials on your website may as well mean that your customer has their friend sitting next to them, saying “They are great, you can trust them and will get exactly what you are looking for”.

There is, however, so much more to this than reviews. Your website has to have great design or the customer will click away and leave instantly. If you have great design, the customer will stick around long enough to read your great content.

But does the quality of your website or social media profiles reflect the quality of your products and services? You can be very sure that is how your customers see it.

In their eyes, if you haven’t put the effort in to making your website look good, why should they believe you will put effort into good service or offer good quality products, or even run your business well?

If you just provide information on what you do without telling them why you do what you do, why you’re different, where you came from and what you stand for, then how can they relate to you or feel any kind of connection?

They may as well be buying from a vending machine. Is your business anything more than a vending machine? Does it have people, passion, and purpose behind it?

My father is an accountant and in the past year he has spent over $8,000 on SEO, successfully ranking number 1 on Google the whole time. It sounds great, but it hasn’t actually led to an increase in clients because his website doesn’t build trust or relationships with the audience – it merely states the services he provides.

He has got an online presence, but no identity, nothing to differentiate him from the accountant down the road.

***I only just found this out yesterday and will be working on fixing this for him as of tonight***

Now I could go on and on about this, but I think it will be of more value to you if I break down the rest in succeeding blog posts that can teach you how to build an online identity that sells for you, even when you are sleeping.

Naturally, not everyone has the skills or the time to do this themselves, so you are always welcome to get in touch for a free identity review and advice. We can just do it all for you.

I’ll even provide some templates and useful tips in the future posts just in case you want to have a crack at it yourself.

In the meantime what has worked or not worked for your online identity? Let me know and I will include these insights so your experience can help others in our community.